About the feature film: 

ONLY EVER YOURS, the award-winning, international bestseller, has been noted by various critics as "the book of the season," "brilliantly realized, utterly compelling," "an inevitable entrant on next year's most- banned books list," and written with "a scalpel."

30-year-old author Louise O'Neill's bold and original debut novel is set in a chilling "finishing school" for girls, amidst a society that uses information technology to institutionalize extreme standards of physical beauty and unquestioning conformity...or so it thinks.

As the intensity of their final year unfolds, the young women of The School, and the young men who pursue them, vie for supremacy even as they struggle to maintain a sense of self in a world that values strategic alliances above human connection. Only Ever Yours depicts a terrifying epidemic of identity

loss, where the best and brightest lose sight of their individual value in the face of empty mantras about the necessity of perfection.

Eilis Dillon Book Award winner O’Neill’s novel is angering those who don’t like to think about the inequalities or injustices in our society and prefer to believe 21st Century capitalism has formed some kind of moral paradise, those who think they’re beyond the need for feminism, and those who smugly comment “not all men” in any discussion of male or white privilege.

Already in its second reprint in Europe and the U.S. after a May release, the book is bringing people of various ages, races, and orientations together to talk about human rights. With its exploration of a not- so-distant future world, the protagonists of ONLY lose sight of their self-worth amidst a boarding school system which forces them against one another through hollow judgment and censorship of individuality. Ranked only on measures of aesthetics and skills of pleasure, the ruling patriarchy overseen by The Father works to eliminate any thoughts not derived from the superficial. 

About the series:  

The documentary series is inspired by Only Ever Yoursan international bestselling novel and YA award winner by Louise O’Neill. The series reflects some of the societal pressures felt by a wide array of generations and genders in our modern-day, always-on society. Killer is producing Only as a feature film and the series is an extension of the same themes brought to life by its characters and the near future world in which they live. Killer Impact is developing programs, such as the series and other extensions of Only Ever Yours which address these increasing modern-day pressures.

Still from The Way It Works

Still from The Way It Works

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