Not many boys dance ballet, but 11-year-old Gabriel Romero, who trains at Thom McIntyre's Philadelphia Dance Center, is the ultimate boy ballerina (or ballerino). Even if he's the only boy ballet dancer among dozens of girls, Gabe doesn't let it get to him.
Ann Lapin, an interim/short-term parent and mom of three, helps care for newborns when their parents are temporarily unable to. Whether it's a for a few days or longer periods, Ann and her three children, who co-parent, acts as sole provider to her 'adopted' babies, giving parents time to wrestle with and work out the difficult decisions that come with having a child.
Drag Queen Story Hour at the New York Public Library is exactly what it sounds like: drag queens reading picture books to children. Angel Elektra, who is gay, grew up in a Christian household where she had to keep her sexuality a secret.
Reiki practitioner and animal lover Jennifer Halpern volunteers as an energy healer for shelter and foster animals from dogs to cats to rabbits, working to relieve their stress and pain by channeling positive energy into their bodies through touch.
Ken M. has achieved what few trolls can dare to dream of: fame. The professional Internet troll has his own dedicated subreddit with nearly 400,000 subscribers, and his notoriety was such that College Humor even paid him to author a written column, The Troll -- which made him, in his own words, "a professional dirtpig."